Prevent Idaho Falls Fire Damage

Firefighter spraying burning home with Idaho Falls fire damage

A fire in your home is surely a terrifying sight. Not many situations bring a worse feeling than watching your belongs burn to the ground. Idaho Falls fire damage can truly be overwhelming to someone who is left to pick up the pieces after a devastating fire. People don’t know where to start or what they should do. The experts at Tobin Cleaning & Restoration can alleviate stress by helping clean up the mess and restore your home.

To avoid having Idaho Falls fire damage at your home, reducing the risk of a fire at your home should be a high priority. Fires have severe consequences and danger. If you would like to reduce the risk of a home fire, be sure to read our tips below!

Common Causes Of House Fires

Here are the most likely causes for a fire in your home or office, coming from the National Fire Protection Association.

  • Appliances: Your oven, heater, air conditioner, washing machine, and dryer. Research shows firefighters in the United States respond to a fire emergency approximately every 23 seconds.
  • Children: This includes kids playing with matches and other firestarters as well as fires that are set intentionally.
  • Candles: An unattended candle can easily fall or get knocked over.
  • Chemicals and gas: This includes natural gas and LP-gas caused fires in addition to spontaneous combustion.
  • Electrical: Fires that are started by electrical distribution or lighting equipment in your home or office.
  • Fireworks: Fireworks cause fires as well as injuries. This is known because of hospital emergency room reports.
  • Holiday decorations: This would include Christmas trees, lights, and decorations.
  • Household products: Things like mattresses, bedding, and furniture can burn easily.
  • Lighting: Virtually anything lightning hits has the potential to start a fire. These fires can grow very large before they are even discovered.
  • Smoking: Cigarette butts, cigars, and other smoking materials are included here.

It would be a great idea for you to go over these potential firestarters with your family. Especially children. And create a family fire prevention plan.

Tips To Prevent A Fire At Home

There are several steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of a fire happening in your home. The most important part of preventing Idaho Falls fire damage in your home is to make sure you don’t neglect these things. When you have too much dust, dirt, and grease inside your appliances and household systems, bad things can happen. For example, your dryer vent should be cleaned out frequently. Otherwise, it will fill up with lint that can become flammable. Or, part of your electrical system could be damaged by pets, pests, or insects. Both of these examples are fire hazards that can be prevented with a little bit of effort. Take the following steps to reduce your chances of a fire.

Fire Prevention Steps

  1. Inspect your electrical system
  2. Maintain a clean cooking environment
  3. Simplify your circuit breaker
  4. Be cautious with what you leave on
  5. Check all vents regularly
  6. Make sure you have working fire alarms

It can be easy to forget about checking on these things. But if you can spend a little time on prevention, you’ll go a long way towards avoiding an Idaho Falls fire damage disaster. We recommend setting a reminder for yourself in your phone or calendar periodically to make sure you don’t go too long without doing a quick inspection.

About Tobin Restoration

Don’t delay. Start protecting your home now before it becomes a danger zone. Take the proper steps and you’ll have peace of mind. According to the National Fire Protection Association, Public fire departments responded to 1,319,500 fires in 2017. Home fires were responsible for 10,600 civilian injuries. An estimated $23 billion in property damage occurred as a result of fires in 2017. However, if something bad does happen, rest assured that Tobin Restoration is here for you. We specialize in Idaho Falls fire damage restoration and restoring damaged property to its original state. We hope it never comes to that. But, if you need us for help with Idaho Falls fire damage, give us a call at (208) 523-1080. We wish you the best of luck in your fire prevention efforts!

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