Mold spores are present all around us, but growths of mold indoors are a sign of a bigger problem – moisture. Mold can already be growing inside your walls or in places that you can’t see it before you notice it. If you notice a musty smell, or dampness it’s important to call a mold remediation specialist right away.

Mold can be extremely dangerous to handle, and has the potential to cause many health problems, but here at Tobin Cleaning and Restoration we’re equipped to safely deal with mold in your home and track down the source of the moisture causing it.



  • In the event of a damp area that was not previously there ensure it is completely dried within 48 hours to prevent mold growth.
  • Do not disturb the area! Improperly removing mold will release large amounts of spores into the air.
  • Isolate the area. Mold is harmful to everyone, but children and the elderly are at an elevated risk.
  • Seek medical attention if you or anyone else in your home is experiencing respiratory symptoms.
  • Call us! We’re the top choice for Idaho Falls Mold removal, and we’re here to help.


Before work begins, an IICRC certified microbial remediation technician will inspect the area to determine the extent of the problem. If necessary, your technician will employ thermal imaging and air sampling techniques to ensure that no mold remains after mitigation and the source of moisture is discovered and corrected.


Before removal of the affected areas or cleanup begins, an area of containment with air scrubbing and dehumidifying equipment will be set up. This is done for your safety, for the technician’s safety, and to ensure that no other areas of your home are contaminated.


During the process of remediation, all affected areas will be removed using specialized tools and techniques that allow the process to be completed as safely and quickly as possible. This may require the complete removal of affected areas or contents to guarantee complete remediation.


After the removal of all affected materials, the areas that were originally contaminated, the technician’s work space, and the paths of removal will be decontaminated and cleaned. When this is completed, work to restore your home back to normal condition, including any needed reconstruction, will begin.