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Water damage can cause extensive destruction and interruptions, which are pretty frustrating for homeowners. What’s more, you can find yourself knee-deep in a watery mess, regardless of the season. Water damage can result from pipe bursts, malfunctioning appliances, and mother nature, such as floods, hurricanes, or tornados. When facing water damage, prompt, professional assistance goes a long way in limiting loss. Fortunately, Tobin Restoration is here to help. We are a company that focuses on water damage and restoration. Tobin Restoration is committed to providing homeowners in Jackson, Wyoming, with a team of licensed, highly experienced, IIRC certified water extraction, restoration, and reconstruction specialists.

What causes water damage?

Knowing what causes water damage can help you safeguard your home. Here are the leading causes of water damage.

Clogged Gutters

Excess weeds, ice, sludge, and tree leaves cause clogged gutters. Most homeowners pay little attention to their gutters, and the clutter and dirt accumulate and clog the drains. Once the gutter clogs, it can cause water to pool. The excess water can find alternate outlets and find its way into your home. This water can accumulate in your basement, posing health risks and lowering your home’s indoor air quality.

Leaky Pipes

A leaky pipe is the most common cause of water damage. Leaks in pipes result from weak pipe joints, rust, high water pressure, faulty water connectors, and extreme temperatures. Spotting a leaky pipe may be challenging since some occur in hidden places, like under the sink or the bathroom drainage. It’s advisable to watch out for any faults in the plumbing system and get them fixed before water damage occurs. 

Faulty Appliances

In some instances, appliances can malfunction because of poor connections or faulty hoses. When devices like water heaters and washing machines malfunction, they can cause water to pour into your structure, causing damage. 

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent faulty appliances from causing water damage. For example, you can keep an ear out for noises made by an old and rusty washing machine and replace it before it breaks. Also, while several reasons could cause your water heater to malfunction, neglecting the issue could result in a leaking tank that could cause water damage.

Air Conditioner Malfunction

Air conditioners get the humidity out of warm air before condensing the moisture into an overflow pan. The pan drains the condensed water using a condensate line. A clogged condensate line blocks the drainage system of the air conditioner. This can cause excess water to seep into your home’s walls and ceiling. 

Effects of Water Damage

Living with water damage in your house can be detrimental to your health. When water damage is left unchecked, it can cause the growth and spread of mold and mildew around water-logged areas. Damaged pipes and sewer lines may cause black water contamination that contains pathogens. These bacteria and microbes may cause serious health risks. Besides posing health threats, mold can also affect the structural integrity of your home. More so, water damage leads to extensive costs of repairing and replacing damaged appliances like washing machines and water heaters.

How to prevent water damage

The good news is you can keep your property and family safe from water damage. Here’s how to prevent water damage.

Check for Leaks Around the House

Leaks in hidden places like under the sink often lead to more damage and hefty repairs if left unchecked. They can cause pipes to rot and create the perfect environment for the growth of mildew and molding. Check for dark spots or coloring on the ceiling, the wall, and under pipes to spot leaks in your house. Also, check for leaks on the roof and repair or replace damaged shingles.

Maintain Proper Drainage

If your drainage system is not properly maintained, it can compromise your home’s foundation and structural integrity. Weak foundations can lead to uneven settling and cracks, creating pathways for water to get into your home. Maintain proper drainage by installing well-functioning gutters that are clean so that water flows away from your structure. Also, your garden or yard should slope downwards and away from your foundation to improve your home’s drainage.

Test Your Sump Pump

A sump pump removes excess water in a water-collecting sump basin. It is commonly found in the basement and helps your home withstand water damage. Testing your sump pump is relatively easy. First, slowly fill it with water and confirm that when the float rises, the water levels drop. If this doesn’t happen, you might need to repair or replace your sump pump to avoid water damage. A battery-operated sump pump will come in handy if your home is prone to power outages or storms. 


Professional Water Damage Restoration in Jackson, Wyoming

Have you recently fallen victim to water damage in Jackson, Wyoming? Tobin Restoration has got you covered.

Rapid response is crucial when experiencing any form of water damage on your property to prevent further destruction and costly repairs.

Our experienced professional experts will dedicate time and effort to restoring your home and ruined equipment. Besides disinfecting your items, we can also custom wash every individual load and produce the best possible results using Esporta, ultrasonic machines, and specific solutions. In addition, our ultrasonic machines reduce the need for harsh chemicals and leave the items free of residue.

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