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Challis Water Damage

Flooding or water leaks in your home or business can lead to costly water damage. Areas affected by leaks or floods need to be thoroughly dried out and ventilated. Tobin Cleaning and Restoration offers advanced drying systems and water damage services to restore any areas affected by the water. Our services cover the residential and commercial water damage needs in Challis. Give us a call today for more information.

Challis Fire Damage

When a fire strikes your home or business, there is a lot that needs to be done in a short amount of time. Handling the fire mitigation, contents handling, cleaning and decontamination, deodorization and reconstruction is a lot to handle on your own without manpower and professional equipment and cleaning solutions. Your own personal safety may be at risk. With the help of a professional fire restoration company, however, we can handle the after-math of the fire quickly and safely, making life after a fire less stressful for you.

Challis Mold Remediation

Indoor mold growth poses serious problems for homeowners, renters and businesses alike. Mold releases spores in the air which are harmful to your respiratory system and has many damaging effects on your walls, floors, or ceilings. Proactive attention to mold growth is required to prevent major consequences. Tobin Cleaning and Restoration offers mold inspections, containment and remediation services, so we can resolve your mold problems as quickly as possible. Handling and removing mold can be a dangerous process. We offer our expertise to handle and remove mold in a safe and secure process. Give Tobin Cleaning and Restoration a call today.

Challis Carpet Cleaning

Dirty, stained carpets, well-worn from daily use and years of treading could benefit from a professional carpet cleaning. Professionally cleaned carpets last longer, look better, feel good and smell new. At Tobin Cleaning and Restoration, we offer several carpet cleaning methods suitable to any type of carpet. As part of the carpet cleaning process, our technicians begin by vacuuming the carpet to loosen any dirt or debris. Then a pre-spray is applied to the carpet, and rotary equipment is then ready to be used to clean the carpets, and remove any hard stains or foul odors. Our carpet cleaning solutions are thorough, safe and gentle on the carpet. Our company doesn’t stop until the best results are achieved for our customers.

Challis Tile Cleaning

Maintaining your tile and grout makes a visible difference in your home. Tile surfaces covered in dirt and bacteria need custom cleaning solutions.Our tile cleaning services involve high pressure rotary equipment to loose the dirt from the tile and PH treatments. Prior to performing cleaning treatments, a proper inspection will be conducted to ensure our cleaning solutions will work best for your tile’s needs. Our tile services also include grout restoration, grout sealing and grout repair and restoration.

Challis Odor/General Cleaning

Foul odors are often the result of a home damage accident or an unresolved mess. Deodorization is one of our specialities at Tobin Cleaning and Restoration. We inspect the source of the problem and quickly determine a solution to permanently get rid of those foul smells. Our equipment, crew, and professional cleaning solutions make it possible for us to eliminate any and all foul odors from your home or business.

Challis Construction & Remodels

Searching for a home contractor in Challis, ID to do repair work, remodels, basement finishing or more? With a proven track record, customers call Tobin Cleaning and Restoration for all their construction and repair needs. We assist our customers with all their requests and work to capture their vision.

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