Fixing Up A Fixer Upper

By: Karli Willden

Choosing to buy a “fixer upper” home is just as viable of an option as buying or building a brand new home. With tactful negotiations you can typically get a fixer upper home at a cheaper price, which allows you to set money aside for renovations, repairs, and other improvements. Investing in a fixer upper home can prove to be a great way to make money on resale, as well as creating the home you love at a cheaper cost.

Tobin Cleaning and Restoration would love to partner with you during this process. Below are professional services we can provide during your home transformation, as well as some information on what you can expect during the process.

  • Deep Household Cleaning
  • Construction/Remodeling
  • Fire damage repair
  • Water damage repair
  • Mold mitigation
  • (And More)

Remodeling Your Fixer Upper

Going the fixer upper route, you’ve accepted the terrific conquest of home remodeling. Utilizing an existing structure, making improvements, and repurposing a home is the way to go! Not only is it gratifying to see an old home be modernized, but it is also thrilling to watch the home increase in value and become more energy efficient.

Homes are typically remodeled to update the style of the home, change the layout or floor plan, increase the square footage, or make other home improvements. If you do not wish to remodel it all at once, you can take it one stage at a time, focusing on one area of the house. Remodeling can be done at your own pace, and when it is convenient for your family. Home remodeling is most often done during the warmer spring or summer months, but can be done at anytime of the year. If you plan on remodeling it yourself, or hiring someone else to help do the remodeling, it’s important to plan ahead.

Permits are needed before any structural changes can be made to your fixer upper. Any and all construction must also meet code regulations. Inspections will be required to determine code is met. If you are unfamiliar with this process, it’s best to partner with a professional to help you through the process and oversee the remodeling project.

Tobin Restoration can meet with you to discuss your remodeling needs. It can be up to you to determine how involved you would like our contractor to be in the remodeling process. Even if you decide to do the bulk of the construction, we are happy to help wherever we can.

If your home isn’t energy efficient, we can help with that. If your heating or air condition system is outdated, we switch it out for you. If you would like to finish your basement, remodel a bathroom or kitchen, or add on to your home, we have the experience to assist in the construction.

Damage Repair for Water, Fire or Mold

If your fixer upper has any fire damage, water damage, or mold damage, special attention and care is due. The home may be filled with smoke or other hazardous odors as a result from these conditions. These particles in the air may pose threats to your health if not properly handled. Be sure to take the proper safety precautions when handling these situations. Use masks and the proper safety equipment to protect yourself. Familiarize yourself with all the risks associated with dealing with fire damage, water damage or mold.

If you have little experience handling damages inherit with disasters, consider hiring a professional who can handle the situation efficiently. Tobin Cleaning and Restoration offers specialized services in cleaning and restoration for mold, fire, or water damage.

House Deep Cleaning

Sometimes the only significant improvement a home may need is a decent deep cleaning. Previous owners might have had indoor pets, leaving behind unwanted hair or foul odors. Other times, the home may not have been well cared for, with an excessive buildup of dirt and grime in the floors, carpets, tiles, or counter tops.

Our professional deep cleaning services can create a sanitary living environment, removing any dirt, grime or odors in the home. Our house deep cleaning services also include hardwood floor touch ups, carpet cleanings, tile cleanings, and more.

Give Tobin Restoration a call at (208) 523-1080 if you would like to partner with us for your fixer upper project. Our team of professionals can assist with any major or minor construction, remodeling, or restoration project. Call now for an estimate.   

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