Flood Damage Restoration: What You Should Know

One of the most disheartening sights you can see is having your home or business full of water. If this happens, you need professional flood damage restoration ASAP! The sooner you call Tobin Cleaning & Restoration in Idaho Falls, the less costly your situation will be.

It has been a pretty rainy spring around Idaho Falls so far. Most of us can agree that it is a nice change from the cold winter, but you might be singing a different tune if you find yourself dealing with flooding damage restoration. No matter where you are, under the right (or wrong) circumstances, you may be facing a flood.

The more you know about flood damage restoration, the better off you’ll be if something does happen to you. Here are some things we think might be helpful in that sort of situation.

Be Prepared

Every home or property owner should spend some time to make sure they are prepared — just in case. Make sure you know what you can do to limit the damage if flooding does occur. This will allow you to provide as much protection as possible for your belongings and your family too. You’re not in a flood zone? Don’t be so sure. Flood zones actually can change so you should check on this every once in a while just to make sure.

You also need to know what the expected flood level is. If you know how high any flooding water is likely to get, you may be able to arrange your most important items above that line. Things like your furnace and other major equipment can rack up the expenses in a hurry if they are damaged.

Have Supplies On Hand

When there is a threat of flooding, you can probably get sandbags, but maybe not as many as you’ll need. You might be fighting a large crowd or long lines to get them. There might even be a limit on how many you can have. If you can, it would be a good idea to have some sandbags of your own available. Another important piece of information to have would be the best places to put the sandbags. Put them in the wrong place and the water will still find a way in. Then you’ll be looking for flood restoration services.

There are other supplies that would be handy to have on hand. Things that would be helpful to have in case of flooding are stud boards, plywood boards, tools and materials to put them up with, tarps, etc. This can at least give you some additional protection. These are also things that may be on short supply in a time like this. There are lots of reasons having this stuff would be beneficial.

It’s a good idea to secure these up and out of the way in case flooding does occur. Having a few stud boards, plywood boards, tarps, nails and more on hand can help with emergency repairs if there is the potential for flooding or help create a way to protect some of the items in the home from damage. Additionally, there could be a shortage of building supplies in the immediate aftermath of the flood, so having these supplies on hand could lead to faster repairs if you need flood damage restoration.

Protect Your Important Items

If you have been able to figure out where your flood level is going to be, you can make sure your most important paperwork and other items are in the safest locations. It is also recommended to store these things somewhere you can access quickly if you need to get them and get out fast. Suggested items for this are things like your personal identification information, the titles for your vehicles, passports, and any other documents with important information.

Have A Plan

Whether you are talking about flooding, power outages or any other emergency type of situation, your family should have a plan in place so everyone knows what to do. This is especially important if you’ve got children in the home. Their chances of staying safe will be much higher if they know what could happen and what they need to do in these situations.

Minimize The Damage

Your home has been flooded. Now, what do you do? The first thing that should happen is to stop the water that is coming in (if you can). For a plumbing issue, this can probably be done by shutting off the main water valve. Then you can assess the damage and start removing water from the home. Your best bet for flood damage restoration in Idaho Falls is Tobin Cleaning & Restoration.

We will help you through the process of removing items that have suffered water damage. It’s extremely important to deal with water damage as soon as you discover it. Without properly drying and repairing the area, further damage can arise from the spread of moisture and growth of mold. That is why we use state-of-the-art heated TES drying systems, getting your home back to where it needs to be is no problem. Carpet, hardwood floors, drywall, and most other types of flooring can be dried. With heat in the equation, not only will your property dry faster than normal fans would allow, but the heat generated will also help prevent the growth of mold.

About Tobin

Our Idaho Falls cleaning and flood damage restoration company is with you from START TO FINISH. If you’ve experienced damage at your home or business, call us anytime, 24/7 at (208) 523-1080. Haven’t decided who to choose? You can contact us at any time for a free flood damage restoration consultation and inspection of your damaged areas.

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