Fire Damage Rexburg

A fire within your home or business is devastating. At the beginning, there are a lot of unknowns about what the next steps will be. There could be many possible causes of the fire, but the most important thing to do is to get out of the space as quickly as possible. This is to ensure your safety and any individuals in the space with you. Regardless of the cause or extent of the fire, at Tobin Restoration we want to make the process easy for you during a stressful and overwhelming time. With just one call, we will take over the restoration of your home or business to get you back to your normal routine. 

Services Offered

Assessment and Mitigation

When we receive a call, we are quick to respond and get to the property to make an initial assessment of the fire damage. Once we have inspected the structural damage and can ensure safety upon entering the property we can start an assessment. This includes the type of damage and the extent of the damage. We work with insurance companies to create a plan to get your home or business back to its original condition. 

Secure the Structure and Debris Removal

A fire can cause damage quickly. Many times windows, walls, and roofs are damaged in the process. These components of your home or business may be crucial for the structure to stay intact. We secure the parts of the structure that have been damaged by the fire to ensure the home does not acquire more damage due to a faulty structure. We remove all debris once the structure has been secured and deemed safe for entry.

Water Removal 

Water is used as the primary tool to put out fires. This can mean that you have a lot of standing water within your home or business once the fire has been extinguished. We are able to remove that water and use our industrial dehumidifiers to remove the moisture within the home or business. This is crucial because you do not want to have any moisture retained or it may cause you problems in the future. 

Removal of Smoke and Soot 

Since we use commercial grade equipment, we are able to pull out smoke and soot within your home or business. This includes using our deodorizing equipment to rid the smell of smoke as well. Smoke and soot are able to penetrate your walls and ceilings so it is vital that special equipment is used to ensure that you don’t have smoke dwelling within the space. At this time we also take inventory of your items. We then take them to our facilities for cleaning, sanitizing, and salvaging items that may need a little more care to restore. Once we are done with all the repairs we will return your items to you. 


Once your home or business has gone through the cleaning process, we want to help you with repairs and rebuilding. We want you to get back to your daily lives as soon as possible. Being full service contractors, we can do the rebuild from start to finish with ease. Since we can do all the work on our own, it allows us to have all the work scheduled out. Knowing exactly when one part of the job gets done allows us to get started on the next piece of the process. This saves the time of waiting on contractors to get things done. 

Our team is able to do the following during the reconstruction phase:

  • Plumbing, HVAC, and electrical
  • Insulation, drywall, and taping
  • Windows, doors, and framing 
  • Texture and paint
  • Installation of carpet, vinyl, and tile flooring
  • Trim or cabinet work 

What Not to Do After a Fire

It is devastating to be in a situation where a fire has happened within your home or business. Some of the initial feelings may be that you just want to do something to help the situation. The best way to help is to stay out of the space. Do not go in until it has been deemed safe. Many times there are hazards within the home or business that you may not be able to see such as water that has reached a light switch’s electrical outlet. To ensure your safety, it is important to stay out. For your health, be sure that you do not take any food, medications, or items out of your home or business until they are properly cleaned as they have been contaminated by smoke. Call a team of professionals to take care of the process to ensure your health and safety. 


What insurance do you accept?

We work with all insurances to provide the services you need. 

How long does fire restoration take?

The process from start to finish can vary drastically. It is dependent on the amount of damage and the extent of the damage. We try to do the restoration in a timely manner but also want to do each step of the process thoroughly. This will prevent you from having any future problems. 

Will you come after business hours?

We are a 24/7 business so we can come at any time to help you, day or night. 

Can my personal items be saved?

When we take inventory of your possessions we will take them to our facilities for cleaning and sanitizing. There we will also try to restore any damaged items because we know how valuable your items are to you. 

Why Tobin Restoration?

We are East Idaho’s top rated restoration company. We care about you and for that reason, we are open 24/7 because we know that fires happen day or night. Our team is trained for these specific situations and ready to take care of your home or business as their own. These situations can be overwhelming so we are proud to be a one-stop shop to try and make things easier for you. At Tobin Restoration we are able to take care of the fire damage from start to finish. We want your home or business to be better than it was before once we have completed our process. Please contact us at any time for your fire damage needs, and as always our consultations are free.