The summer dirt and winter weather can be harsh on your carpets, requiring them to be cleaned regularly to prevent irreversible and ugly wear. Cleaning you carpets isn’t just for looks, though. It’s for your health. Carpets are a filter. They collect spores, bacteria, fungus, and all other manner of unhealthy debris.

Regular carpet cleaning doesn’t only extend the life of your carpet. Most warranties require your carpets to be cleaned twice per year, and recommend the method used to be hot water extraction. With over 35 years of experience in hot water extraction carpet cleaning, Tobin knows how to get the job done.


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With several different methods of hot water extraction cleaning available, Tobin is the right fit for any carpet cleaning job. In every home or business, our IICRC certified technicians first pre-vacuum to remove loose debris and then apply a pre-spray tailored to your carpet’s unique needs.

We follow this with specialized agitative rotary cleaning guaranteed to do the best job possible. After cleaning has been completed, fans are placed to accelerate drying and your carpets are groomed to remove any patterns left from the cleaning process. We are the top choice for Idaho Falls carpet cleaning.


Our technicians are trained in targeted stain removal, with experience extracting even the most difficult stains. Red dyes, urine, tar, ink, rust, and oils are just a few of the tough contaminants we can remove, and we can promise that they’ll stay gone.


We don’t draw the line at making your carpet look clean. We can deodorize carpets that have been saturated with foreign contaminants. Urine, mildew, and decomposing organic matter are just some of the smells we can neutralize for you.


Your chairs and couches require the occasional cleaning too. Oils from your skin, pets, and stains caused by food or drink can all cause damage. Our experienced technicians are specially certified in upholstery cleaning and repair.


Like carpet, rugs require regular cleaning, both to prevent deterioration and fraying and to remove stains. Rugs, however, often pose a more difficult challenge. At Tobin, we have the tools and training to clean any rug, from nylons to the most exotic fibers. With our immersion bathing methods, we can ensure excellent results for even the most soiled rugs.


Daily traffic on your carpets can cause them to stretch over time. This creates a wrinkled and unattractive appearance, in addition to posing safety issues related to tripping. With our specialized tools, we can remove the excess carpet around the borders of the room and restore it to a flat resting state.