Mediocre Cleaning Supplies

When going into the store you see aisle upon aisle of choices for everything.  There is an aisle for shampoo and an aisle for crackers, and an aisle for cleaners.  And in that row of cleaners you have a vast variety of brands, sizes, and specialties.  How can you know which carpet cleaner will do the job you want it to without leaving any residue behind to collect more dirt.  There is an answer to your shopping dilemma.  Use a

4 Common Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions

There have always been myths and misconceptions regarding every facet of life. Idaho Falls carpet cleaning is no different. Here at Tobin Cleaning and Restoration we want to clear up these several misconceptions regarding carpet cleaning: waiting to clean your carpet, one cleaner is as good as any other, cleaning your carpets makes them get dirtier, and the lowest price is the best choice. Read through and discover what makes these seemingly good ideas, bad mistakes. Misconception #1 Misconception #2

Is there a cure for mold?

Is There a Cure for Mold?Curing the Mold Problem at the SourceEveryone knows that when you leave something in the fridge too long or bread out on the counter too long mold grows on it and you have to throw it away.  While this isn’t the only place it grows or the only kind of mold, it is the most common and the most well-known. The mold that we see

Disasters Do Strike-Know Who to Call

It only takes a wayward spark from an innocent little electrical strip to start a house fire. It was an electrical strip that started a fire in the basement of this $800,000 home in Idaho Falls. Luckily, the entire house wasn’t destroyed, but the basement was hammered and the two other floors of the house suffered soot and smoke damage. Surveying the Disaster Zone Walking down the scorched steps down into the basement, there was no place that hadn’t been at least

Sewage Floods Homes in Ammon Idaho

This past weekend, several homes on Sunnyside Avenue in Ammon, Idaho where flooded when a sewage bypass pump shutdown for a brief moment. A difficult situation for the many home owners effected by the flood. Tobin Cleaning and Restoration was part of the cleanup effort, helping unhappy homeowners clean up the sewage flood and restoring their homes to pre-flood conditions. The full story was published in the Tuesday June 9, 2009 edition of the Post

What should you look for when choosing a restoration company?

What should you look for when choosing a restoration company?Experience Facility Equipment Insurance RelationshipsExperience Every job is a little bit different.  There is quite a bit of expertise needed to restore your house, business or other property to a pre-loss, pre-damaged condition.  Experience is key to restoring your house properly; overcoming any obstacles that may arise.  Providing you with quality work, and helping you get back to your way of life. Facility The restoration company’s facility needs to be the proper size

Idaho Falls Fire

<img class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-355″ title=”Idaho Falls Fire” src=”” alt=”Idaho Falls Fire” width=”294″ height=”199″ />IDAHO FALLS – A small fire causes one family to evacuate their house in Idaho Falls Monday night. It happened at 908 Poulson Street just less than a block away from the officer involved shooting at the end of December. Firefighters received the call shortly before 10 p.m. Monday. They found smoke coming from the basement and found the fire coming from an old wood burning furnace. The family